Join the Infallible Anime Ring ^_^

As this ring suggests it is infallible! Which the dictionary states as unable to be proven wrong! I hope this webring will follow that theory.....and stay alive through all the coming years. Only you guys with those awesome anime webpages can make this dream come true. So .....fill out the form below to join this webring of strength, and let's keep anime going as an interest to everyone!

If you have any other logos to contribute email me at I am going to add a mailing lists for members of this ring to stay tuned for more info!

If you are a previous member of the ring click here. If you go to this page you can edit site info, add new members, or get a new logo.

Step 1: Fill out this form to join!!!

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Step 2: MUY IMPORTANTE: Read the following!

This is a neat table version to the ring html fragment. If you have cooler graphics to submit click here. IMPORTANT: For the places that say site id here fill them in with your site id number that you have just got! For the place with your name here fill it in with your name, and fill out the site owner email with your email address! After doing this, write to someone in the ring or me to add your site into the ring! And voila! Of course sites that have any derogatory remarks or things will not be included in this ring! By the way for all you folks out there derogatory means to put down something or someone! So no anime haters will be included in this ring!!!!

Step 3: Pick out the html logo!

Okay I know there are different animes out there, so I decided to make different logos for these animes! REMEMBER: FILL OUT: the site id with your site id number, name here with your name, and email address of site owner with your email address! I can't stress how important these things are!!!!! ALSO REMEMBER TO: Email me or someone in the ring to put you into it! Thanks! If you don't find your anime here or have a totally cooler logo, please email me at You can also mix and match pics on the logo...for more info email me! Thanx!

The Fushigi Yuugi and Sailor Moon logo go here!

The Raye Earth and Ah My Goddess logo go here!

The Dragon Ball and Ranama logo go here!

The Tenchi Muyo and Bubblegum Crisis logo go here! Tenchi Muyo fans you can thank X109Dragon for suggesting to make a Tenchi Muyo logo.